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NEW RELEASE september 6th 2019

annual growth rings
Mats Edén, Stefan Klaverdal 2019

This album had a long time coming. Almost like the slow growing of trees. In many respects, you can say that we were inspired by being close to nature, as most of the recordings and playing have been in beautiful woody surroundings in the southern parts of Sweden.

The music, sounding perhaps like an otherworldly image-rich blend of Swedish folk music, minimalism, electronic and romantic tradition, was recorded during several improvisational sessions. All music was created live on various string instruments and computer. The instruments are mostly violin and viola d'amore, and the processing was made in ableton live without any prerecorded elements whatsoever.


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”Whether you listen once, or come back
to his music, you’ll undeniably sense
presence in his music.
Listen in!”
– Sanjin Dumisic


”…one of the most innovative
composers make a stop in the genre
[New Age/Ambient] without any trace of
irony, by using as little as possible from the toolbox
yet being beautifully accessible.”

– Jan-Erik Zandersson/Universumnoll

"A rare direct communication between clear timbres and direct melodic sense. Very nice!"
- Martin Nyström, DN