Praise for last CD


almost all humans think about the big questions in life: who are we?, where do we come from? where do we go when it all ends? some people meditate on this. others need a small nudge to do it, but almost everyone think about it at least some time.

this music was composed as associations to ten such big questions in relationship to interviews with 20 people. every question got a small melody that transformed into these songs.some of them you can meditate to, some raises more questions and some comment the question.

the host project for the actual interviews is called MittEMELLAN and was initiated by Hjärnarp-Tåstarps församling.


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"An inspiring CD!"

"The tracks are like leaves in
a forest, all different, but make
a beautiful wholeness"

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"A captivating and intriquing composer!"

"Something valuable in our time"

"a perfected [musical] blend of human and technology"