Praise for last CD

NEW RELEASE May 28th 2017

Stefan Klaverdal 2013/2017

Secrets can be dangerous. They can also be fascinating and intriguing, and in this case they are both. What is it that we see? What is it that we hear? And does it become coloured by our preconceptions to make us perceive it in a certain way? The material for this album was composed for a site-specific interactive theatre based on the lives of two refugee children on the run from authorities. We never get to see the children and the perspectives are blurred. Who is our friend? Who is our neighbour?

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For photos of the interactive theatre, click here.


"secrets - exasperation" is also a video art piece that has been shown on PIXEL film festival in Ystad, Sweden and at FAS sound art festival in Kurdistan during 2017.



”Whether you listen once, or come back
to his music, you’ll undeniably sense
presence in his music.
Listen in!”
– Sanjin Dumisic


”…one of the most innovative
composers make a stop in the genre
[New Age/Ambient] without any trace of
irony, by using as little as possible from the toolbox
yet being beautifully accessible.”

– Jan-Erik Zandersson/Universumnoll

"A rare direct communication between clear timbres and direct melodic sense. Very nice!" - Martin Nyström, DN