NEW RELEASE may 1st 2020

Praise for earlier albums

t r a n s c e n d e n c e
in sounding rooms

Stefan Klaverdal (electronics)

a long-time and long-term goal for humans has been and perhaps still is to become something more, to learn more, to become better, and strive toward heaven, enlightenment, nirvana or the like. in a way, this music depicts the journey that is perhaps possible to take towards this betterment as a person and as a group of humans.

the music is both ambient, electroacoustic and containing drones, but also, since it is in many cases made from voices, keep a very human and tactile quality to it.
some may find it soothing; some may find it disturbing and some might find the hidden story that lies within enchanting.

the music recorded with the help of voices and sounds from elin, emma, peter, gabriel and matthias on location and in private studio in malmö and ängelholm during 2016 and then further edited until 2019. It was in part created from material used in the interactive play ”the enlightened”.

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The magic of the foliage and mixed forest is captured precisely in breathtakingly beautiful "among opening leaves" - Hanna Höglund, Sydsvenskan

"abscission (falling of leaves") [...] this gorgeous piece wraps the listener in auburn and gold.- a closer listen

I am in a bad mood today, but have finally found something that fits my feelings: the album by Edén and Klaverdal. - Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan



”[Klaverdal, ] one of the currently most innovative composers make a stop in the genre [New Age/Ambient] it is without any trace of irony, by using as little as possible from the toolbox yet being beautifully accessible.”
– Jan-Erik Zandersson/Universumnoll

"A rare direct communication between clear timbres and direct melodic sense. Very nice!"
- Martin Nyström, DN